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Wordle - mmmbop school project

Wordle – mmmbop school project

To see my mmmbop wordle follow the link! '

<a href="" 
          title="Wordle: mmmbop!"><img
          alt="Wordle: mmmbop!"
          style="padding:4px;border:1px solid #ddd"></a>

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Eurovision Song Contest 2014 - #joinus


It’s that time a year again! We are joining up as Europeans around the music.. or the telly at home but we all fellow Europe’s biggest TV show when runs over our screen at home.

Last year in Malmö, Sweden, Danish Emmelie De Forrest won so beautiful which means Denmark has the great of hosting the show this year!


Don’t worry I won’t…

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Coachella - one day I will announce my arrival !

Coachella – one day I will announce my arrival !


It’s Coachella‘s turn to make reality a place in the another galaxy and replace the empty space with music to fill the soul and enough random love and kindness from the people “they” taught us not to speak to.

The line up is absolutely amazing and surely if I had the money I would go! It a must to my festival bucket list. I should make top 10 of festivals one day ;P  Hmmm..

Well, check out their…

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ULTRA Music Festival 2014 - Tomorrow!

ULTRA Music Festival 2014 – Tomorrow!


Tomorrow Ultra Music Festival 2014 will begin a rave which will continue the whole weekend in the streets of Miami, Florida. I wish I could be there but my ticket for Miami is booked for December 21st.

However, Ultra is on my bucket list! I want to experience an ultra before I claim my “ticket” because I have a dance monster who needs to come out!

If you don’t know what Ultra…

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Online Marketing - Why it’s most beneficial for your webshop!

Online Marketing – Why it’s most beneficial for your webshop!


In our world today the world is in our pocket. By a small update on twitter, a picture uploaded on Instagram or just a simple blog post I can reach the world and all of this I can do from my phone! Our environment has gone from local to global by the click of a button or the touch of a screen. So if you are thinking about starting a webshop and don’t know anything about online marketing. Well,…

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Fashion is seasonal - Style is you !

Fashion is seasonal – Style is you !

Gif: from Tumblr

The last couple of weeks I have been added to a few twitter lists named something with fashion bloggers though I am very pleased you read my blog and all I want to set something straight right now !!!! PLEASE DO NOT LABEL ME AS A FASHION BLOGGER!

I am a girl who barely wears any make-up. The only “expensive” brand accessories I carry around is my Apple iphone 5 and I haven’t…

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Last night in Forum Copenhagen with the Backstreet Boys was as going back to the 90′s when I first fell in love with music. The five “boys” I don’t think we can call them any more however men, did not disappoint their Danish fans. Even though I might not have known who the backstreet boys were until 2000 something due to the fact I was born the same year the Backstreet Boys were formed. However,…

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